Sights from my travels and free time on the road with Donald





My first international tour was to London, at the Palladium, with a quick stop in Barcelona

for a Spanish National Broadcasting Special




Our dancers back stage after rehearsal at the Sahara                 Most of our dancers before a show at the Palladium




Lynn Latham, the dance captain, after rehearsal at the Sahara and before a show at the Palladium




Dee Kaye on the right.  I wish I could remember the other dances name

She went on to replace Ann Miller in "Sugar Babies" with Mickey Rooney if I remember correctly



The carriage gate at Buckingham Palace and me at the main gate




Big Ben                                                                             Westminster Abbey                               




Tower of London




                    Prisoner's gate at the Tower of London                               The famous Tower Bridge often mistaken for the London Bridge




                                        A Beefeater                                                  The London Bridge, lass spectacular than the Tower Bridge




Billy Barty at the bar at the Presidential Hotel where we stayed and Billy and Murray Becker waiting at LAX 





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