blackhawk casino, central city, colorado


This was a fun gig.  Not only did we have some great dancers with us, but we also had one of my oldest friends, and jazz trumpet great, Tony Klatka on the band.  I met Tony in 1970, while he was on Woody Herman's Band and then ran into him again at Berklee in 1972.  We have stayed friends ever since, but this was the first chance we've had to work together since Boston in 1976 or 77.  Tony has played and arranged for such great bands as "Wayne Cockran and the C C Riders", "Woody Herman", and "Blood, Sweat and Tears", and everything from small bands to symphony orchestras.




Tony Klatka with one of the dancers from the show                   Klatka and Mekka after the show.  Love those pajamas!



Tony and Me after the last show.




Central City was a very quaint and peaceful town, with a lot of history.








Our home for a week around the Hawaiian Islands.



I got food poisoning at the airport in Honolulu and spent most of my time that whole week in my cabin.


Here are a few of the sights I was well enough to enjoy, my last couple of days.




Maui shoreline



Old Lahaina




Mekka on Lahaina's main drag



The famous "BUBBA GUMPS RESTAURANT"  in Lahaina

This was a great place to eat.  It features Shrimp dishes and was made famous by the movie "Forrest Gump".





Buffalo, NY  7-12-2007


on Delaware Avenue



We stayed here when we did the Italian Festival in Buffalo.  What a wonderful "Bed and Breakfast" hotel.  If you are ever in Buffalo, stay there.  It is so warm and nice and they have the ghost of a 4 year old little girl living on the 4th floor.  We didn't get to see her, but George, Eddie's agent, was so freaked out that he barely got any sleep the last night we were there, after finding out about the haunting.  It was also featured on one of those "America's Most Haunted Hotel" type shows.

The service is phenomenal.  Check it out.


BOSTON   August 17, 2007



We had the pleasure of playing the Boston Fisherman's Feast.  The oldest Italian festival in the U.S..




The feast before it opened                                                                         old town Boston



The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) with Bunker Hill Monument behind                 The world famous restaurant Durgen Park           



      Paul Revere's statue and house





Old North Church and spire




Haymarket Square and Faneuil Hall





The old Custom House


Historic Boston streets



A cool sign for the Ghost tour with a strange orb over the "G".  A spirit...who knows.

(The sun was to the right and in front of me.  No explanation for the light)




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